We know that we are one of the more expensive monthly membership gyms in town... this is by choice.

There are plenty of gyms and trainers in the area competing for your business by being the cheapest. Not us. We earn your business by giving you the best all around experience and results.

You can’t be the best

and the cheapest at the same time. 

And we choose to be the best!

Our goal is to give our members the best training environment. This means our facility is not an open gym membership.  Every member here is training together and always being coached.  

We also chose to provide our members with a very specific small group training model. We know that working in a group is a great way to keep motivated, accountable, consistent and have more fun while you train. But we purposely keep our core training programs limited to a very small group. No one will ever get "lost" in a crowd.

We also know that when you chose to make a bigger investment in yourself, you will be more dedicated, more consistent with your training, therefore getting better results.  

We are not the gym that signs you up for a low priced

membership expecting you to not show up. We are the gym that requires you to make a bigger commitment expecting you to show up for every session!

This also means that our gym is not for everyone in the community. If you're looking for great results, a beautifully maintained facility and excellent training from experienced, knowledgeable coaches, then we’re for you. Come check out us and let us show you.​​

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Membership Options

Total Strength - $277 monthly

  • 2 semi-private training sessions per week

  • Always coached by an experienced trainer

  • ​New program every month tailored to your needs

  • Built in community and support ​

8 Coached sessions per month is less than $35 per semi-private session

Total Strength Plus - $297 monthly

  • 2 strength training sessions per week

  • Always coached by an experienced trainer

  • ​New programs every month tailored to you

  • ​Unlimited access to our high energy Shred It!  and Muscle Up classes​

You will have the opportunity to train in a coached environment up to 6x per week making your sessions less than $12 each!

Total Strength Elite - $897 monthly

  • ​The full attention of your personal trainer during your One-on-One coaching experience

  • 2 strength training sessions per week with a custom tailored program specifically to suit your goals and needs

  • ​​New training program every month customized specifically for you!

  • Unlimited access to our high energy Shred It! ​and Muscle Up classes

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multiple times a week with a coach!