Why Your Back Hurts During Abs

Do you ever get lower back discomfort during leg lifts, planking or the ab wheel? Over our combined 30+ years as personal trainers, Maribel and I have seen this a lot, and it's always because of the same reason. Fortunately, it's fairly easy to fix.

Exercise shouldn’t hurt. If it does, it probably means something is out of balance or being done with incorrect form. Taking the time up front to learn proper form and identify your individual imbalances is the key to remaining injury free and getting long term results. 

Too often the promise of fast results can lead us to take unsustainable measures where we ignore the realities of our lives and pass over the effort of learning proper technique.

At Further Fitness, our intake system delves into your injury history and takes you through a movement screen to identify imbalances and create a strategy for correcting them so that instead of magnifying issues with exercise, they are reduced.

Sample the difference at Further Fitness by going through our movement screen during a complimentary Strategy Session.