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Meet Your Coaches

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Who We Are & What We Know

Further Fitness is a personal training facility in the Kingston NY that focuses on bringing the best aspects of personal training and making it affordable in a very small group setting. We’re personal trainers with a combined 35 years of experience and in the past decade have helped hundreds of people with little to no experience in the gym overcome their injuries to get their health and strength back on track.

We know how to educate people on training and modify their workouts to reduce the risk of injury, so they can continue doing the activities they love better and stronger.


Who You Are & What You Want - Your Health & Fitness Goals

You want to live a full, active life. You've probably tried joining a gym before, but don't really think of yourself as a "gym person". You know that building strength and getting more exercise will make your life better but you don't know where to start. And you're concerned about hurting yourself in the process.

You want... be leaner, stronger and feel younger.

...personal trainers that teach you, build you up, and get you strong while keeping you safe.

...a supportive, warm and welcoming community that makes gym time feel like a pleasurable treat.



But so far, you've either gone to a gym where you're left on your own and get approached constantly to pay extra for packages of personal training.

Or, you've gone to a gym where you get caught up with the other 20 people in the room and you go through such a crazy kick ass workout, that you can't move for the rest of the week! 

For some people, those gyms are great. 
But for you, you're looking for a different kind of gym.

A gym where:

  • the focus is on teaching and training you, not just kicking your ass.

  • we take the time to understand your injuries and concerns before your first training session.

  • everyone is coached, you're part of a supportive group and the atmosphere is not at all intimidating.

  • you will never get lost in a big group again!