Your KickStart Challenge

You’re finally ready to start an exercise’ve waited long enough...the years are passing by and you’re not getting any younger. You know that if you want to avoid feeling older than your age, then you need to start doing something about it real soon.

But when you look at some of the challenges that are available, they just don’t seem like the right fit. It looks like the workouts will turn you into a pile of mush from the very start.

And going into a gym filled with ripped twenty somethings who look like they live there, is not where you want to get started.

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You know you have to do something, but...

  • you’re nervous about getting injured,

  • you have no idea how to do half the exercises you see people doing in the videos,

  • and you wonder, "how can the instructor teach you anything with so many people in the class?


The unfortunate truth is, at the start of most "challenges" a lot of gyms don’t take the time to learn your injury history or put you through a movement assessment. Not to mention, then take that information and customize a training program to safely meet you where your current abilities are and then build you up without breaking you down.


So what do you do if you want the life changing results of a butt kicking challenge, but can't workout like you have the body of an invincible 24 year old?!


At Further Fitness, our entire system is built around getting you sustained, long-term results. This means we do everything in our power to prevent injury and build you up gradually.

And because we’ve mastered semi-private personal training, you can get this service at half the price of the average one-on-one personal training session!

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Our members come to us with:

  • Old back injuries
  • Multiple shoulder surgeries
  • Knee replacements
  • Funky wrists
  • Painful posture
  • Spinal fusion
  • Totally de-conditioned
  • And little to no gym experience

How do we help so many people with such a variety of issues get awesome results safely without charging them one-on-one prices?


Our Secret to Your Results

The secret is all the work we put into Your Success Plan before your first training session:

  • Full injury history so we know what we’re dealing with.
  • We’ll talk to your doctors if needed to better understand things.
  • Full Movement assessment so we can customize the training program to meet you where you’re at and never push you beyond safe limits.
  • Identifying a strategy to correct your posture.
  • Referrals to chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, structural therapists...
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At Further Fitness, we play the long game. Every aspect of what we do is designed to teach you strategies and create new habits that are sustainable through the rest of your life.

On average we spend 60 minutes strategizing Your Success Plan before the first training session even begins. We take your long-term success seriously.

First and foremost, our training programs are designed to prevent injury and teach movement skills that apply to your active lifestyle.


Looking good is a side effect of our programs, not the sole focus.

When we talk about food, we look at creating new habits that not only fit your body composition and health goals, but also fit your social and lifestyle realities in ways that you can easily live with for the rest of your life.

We don’t want to just kick your ass and make you follow a crazy diet for a few short weeks. 

We want to give you the skills, knowledge and new habits to reach your goals in a strategic, consistent way.

The Gym for Non-Gym People

If you're thinking, "This sounds nice and all, but I don't know that I'll fit in. I've just never been a gym person."

Then chances are you're a great fit for Further Fitness! We don't have the kind of atmosphere that attracts the typical gym rat. There's no one here with big egos throwing their weight around, we simply don't allow it. And since this is a small group training facility, everyone is part of a group striving towards a similar lead a strong, healthy life and be part of an awesome gym community.

All of our members are very welcoming and supportive because not too long ago, they were the new person that walked through the door not knowing what they were doing,  but knew they needed to be healthier and stronger.

Our specialty is teaching total newbies how to be total pros...

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Join Your 8 week KickStart Challenge and get:

  • 1 Hour Strategy Session
    • Injury History
    • Movement Assessment
    • Your Success Plan
  • 16 Semi-Private Strength Training sessions with an experienced coach
    • Tailored for you
    • Groups are limited to only 4 people per coach
  • PLUS unlimited access to our Shred It! & Strongman Conditioning classes
  • Nutrition coaching for the full 8 weeks with a Precision Nutrition certified coach
    • 1 Hour Initial Consultation
    • Weekly Follow Up
    • Online Support and Check In
    • Before & After Photos
    • Circumference & Body Fat Measurements

To Win the Challenge and Get 8 Weeks Additional Free Training You Must:

  • Train at least 3x every week
  • Complete your nutrition coaching assignments
  • Reach your particular Goal(s)
    • Fat Loss/Weight Loss
    • Muscle Gain
    • Strength
    • General Improvement
  • Take before and after photos
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Check in on Facebook every training session
  • Write a Facebook review
  • Write a Google review
  • Write a Yelp review
  • Film a testimonial

Apply Here for Your KickStart Challenge

How READY are you to make a positive change for your health and well being? *
How WILLING are you to make small adjustments to your habits surrounding food, rest and recovery in order to support your fitness goals? *
Are you ABLE to commit to training at the gym at least 3 times per week for 8 weeks? *
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Please leave the best number to reach you to book Your Strategy Session

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