Muscle Up Challenge

6 Weeks Starting April 9th

You’re finally ready to start an exercise’ve waited long enough...year after year you lose more muscle and you’re not getting any younger. You know that if you want to avoid feeling older than your age, you need to start doing something about it real soon.

But when you look at some of the challenges that are available, they just don’t seem like the right fit. It looks like the workouts will turn you into a pile of mush from the very start.

You've heard of how people get injured doing crazy stuff at some gyms and sure don't need that in your life.

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You need...

  • a program that's proven to pack lean muscle on guys in their 40's, 50's and 60's.

  • coaches who never take foolish risks when it comes to your safety.

  • a group environment to keep things fun so you keep coming back!


At Further Fitness, our specialty is getting results for the over 50 crowd. Many other training facilities and bootcamps have as many as 20 people in their classes, which is fine if you're in your twenties and have never had an injury before. But at Further Fitness, we cap all our classes at 10 people so you can always have an eye on you to ensure good form, safety and great results.


Derek Coffer - 45 years old

Derek didn't really think of himself as a guy who loved the gym before Further Fitness.  But once he got into the groove here not only does he love training, but everyone here loves him! Derek has now:

  • Packed on over 7 lbs of lean muscle in 6 weeks!
  • Become the mayor of Further Fitness.


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Brian Davis

At 62 years of age, Brian was already in fantastic shape from years of resistance training and a great diet when he arrived at Further Fitness. But with a few adjustments in how he trained, it only took 6 weeks to:

  • Pack on another 4 lbs of lean muscle mass.
  • Regain 3/4" in height by improving his posture.

Our Secret to Your Results

The secret is all the work we put into Your Success Plan before your first training session:

  • Full injury history so we know what we’re dealing with.
  • We’ll talk to your doctors if needed to better understand things.
  • Movement assessment so we can customize the training program to meet you where you’re at and never push you beyond safe limits.
  • Identifying a strategy to correct your posture.

The Gym for Non-Gym People

If you're thinking, "This sounds nice and all, but I don't know that I'll fit in. I've just never been a gym person."

Then chances are you're a great fit for Further Fitness! We don't have the kind of atmosphere that attracts the typical gym rat. There's no one here with big egos throwing their weight around, we simply don't allow it. And since this is a small group training facility, everyone is part of a group striving towards a similar lead a strong, healthy life and be part of an awesome gym community.

All of our members are very welcoming and supportive because not too long ago, they were the new person not knowing what they were doing. But knew they needed to be healthier and stronger.

Join the 6 week Muscle Up Challenge and get:

  • Strategy Session
    • Injury History
    • Movement Assessment
    • Your Success Plan
  • Unlimited Access to our Muscle Up, Arm Strong, Get Tight & Shred It! classes
    • Small Group Classes are limited to only 10 people so you never get lost
    • Always have an experienced personal trainer coaching you
    • Tailored for the over 50 crowd
  • Nutrition coaching for the full 6 weeks 
    • 6 Week Log with nutritional recommendations
    • Before & After Photos
    • Circumference & Skin Fold Body Fat Measurements

*Members Price - $30

Only 10 Spots Available / Begins April 9th 2018

Ready to pack on muscle, improve your posture, regain height and feel better than you have in years?


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Please leave the best number to reach you to book Your Strategy Session
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