Rock Your Jeans Challenge

Throw away your scale, join the challenge and get into your favorite pair of jeans!


You can lose over 2 pant sizes in 8 weeks if you follow our proven program to get your body toned and looking fit.

Go into the summer weather feeling confident that you can rock your jeans!

Everyone knows that lifting weights is the secret to getting that lean look we're all after.  

Join our challenge and not only will you get expert training from an experienced coach, but you'll also get the nutrition guidance you'll need to reach your goal. No more crazy crash diets!

Never trained before? No worries, as long as you have no existing injuries and can move well, we've got your back.

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Here's how it works:

  • You come in prior to the challenge for a 30 minute Strategy Session and movement assessment.
  • Bring in a pair of jeans from your closet or buy a pair you'd like to fit into. They should be at least 2 sizes too small.

  • We take a photo of you trying to get them on over a pair of spandex shorts or pants.

  • We keep your jeans here to try on throughout the challenge.

  • You'll have 8 weeks to get into your jeans... the end of the challenge, you're a winner if you can say,

"I can rock my summer jeans!"



Our 8 week "Rock Your Jeans" Challenge includes:

  • 4 or more group coaching sessions per week
  • Training groups capped to 10 participants to ensure the attention you deserve from your coach.
  • Daily Nutrition Journal with guidelines to ensure you stay on track with your eating habits.
  • Weekly group accountability meeting.


Only $297 to join

*Members Price - $40


Apply Now - limited to the first 10 sign ups!

Challenge runs April 15th to June 8th

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