Total Strength A & Total Strength B

These semi-private personal training sessions are the heart of our programs here at Further Fitness. They focus on developing the fundamental human movements with clean, strong technique that can be applied to all aspects of your life. Each group is limited to 4 members per coach so that attention can be given to teaching proper technique and working around an individual's injuries. 


Shred It!

Our large group metabolic class will keep your heart pounding and your fat crying. It's way more fun than the treadmill and interval training has been proven to burn fat faster than traditional cardio.

Muscle Up

Want more muscle tone on your arms, shoulders and back? Of course you do! Hypertrophy program designed to get you ripped & jacked if you so desire. Ladies, this one's for you too, if you want tone & definition in your arms.

Get Tight

Don't have time for a full hour strength training session and just looking to get that tight and toned look all over? Our larger group full body session focuses on alternating between upper and lower body exercises with higher reps to help you feel the burn. Burn the fat, that is. ;-)